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Dell XPS 13 (2018) review : Solid built, extreme beauty and excellent performance


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Dell unveils the world’s smallest 13-inch laptop at Rs 95,000

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Dell announces new protection capabilities to address Advanced Threats

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Dell expands its cloud portfolio with Microsoft

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Dell and CAI recognize India’s Best CIOs in the Industry’s only democratized CIO awards

Sourav Ganguly & Mr. Arvind Gupta, National Head, Information and Technology of the Bharatiya Janata PartyDell, the world’s fastest growing large integrated IT company, in partnership with the CIO Association of India (CAI) today announced the winners of the second edition of the industry’s only democratized awards selection — “India’s best CIOs” . VijaySethi, CIO, Hero MotoCorp Ltd. and T.G. Dhandapani, CIO, TVS Motors were awarded the first two places respectively in the community-driven CIO Award Series. AjitManocha, CIO, Syngene International Ltd. (Biocon) and T.G. Dhandapani, CIO – TVS Motors & Sourav GangulySuneelAradhye, Group CIO, RPG Group were jointly awarded the third place.  This year also saw a new category ‘India’s most eminent CIO’ which was conferred to Dr. J.S. Sodhi, CIO, Amity Group. The selections were based on online voting by the Indian CIO community that had commenced on February 10th

The Grand Finale of the second edition of the awards took place last Thursday at the Hyatt Regency, Mumbai in an august gathering of the top 50 CIOs of the country, selected based on peer-to-peer nominations. This year saw a 50 % increase in participation with 449 CIOs polling 1334 votes for their peers across industries in India. The theme of the event was ‘Winning through Transformative Leadership’’ and the awards were presented by Mr. SouravGanguly, ex-Captain of the Indian Cricket team. The other keynote speaker at the event was Mr. Arvind Gupta, National Head, Information and Technology of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Mr. Vijay Sethi, VP & CIO at Hero MotoCorp Ltd. who was awarded the title ‘India’s Best CIO’ for the second year in a row said:

“Being awarded the Best CIO for the second consecutive edition is a very humbling experience. Continuous IT innovation to ensure that IT investments deliver high value consistently to the business especially in today’s times of a very demanding business landscape is the key differentiating factor of a successful IT team. My colleagues at Hero and my family have played a key role in helping me achieving this title once again and my sincerest thanks to all of them. I am also grateful to the CIO Association of India and Dell for this initiative.”

Winning CIOs – Group PhotographGaurav Chand, Vice President, Marketing, Commercial, Dell Inc who was also present at the event said: “These are exciting times for CIOs. The dynamic nature of technology has brought with it greater possibilities for efficiency, productivity and opportunities for innovation than ever before. It is certainly an honor for me to interact with Indian CIOs who are leading impactful innovation and we at Dell will do everything to enable and empower them to excel in their business.”

  1. Sudharsan, Commercial Marketing Head, Dell Indiasaid:

“Business today is in the midst of a transformation; it is increasingly focused on co-creation and collaboration with technology underpinning a CIO’s efforts. CIOs are no longer technology buyers but business enablers. At Dell, we strive to enable CIOs to be Future Ready and the India’s Best CIOs awards initiative as the industry’s only democratized awards for the CIO community is the ultimate culmination of this focus. In a profession best understood by the community, it is heartening to see the recognition of the country’s best CIOs by CIOs and we congratulate the winners for their contributions to their respective businesses and the industry.”

Tapan ‘Ananta’ Garg, Founder & CEO, CAIsaid:

“Often the work of the CIO goes unnoticed in the larger scheme of things, bucketed in to the category of ‘taken for granted’ in an Organisation. Our vision for the Best CIO awards was to felicitate deserving CIOs and encourage them to   take their respective organisations through the next leap of growth. The participation from the community has been overwhelming and reflective of the support that exists in the community.”

The winners are some of the country’s brightest minds and were selected based on a two-step awards selection process: a peer based nomination via online voting and a jury-based assessment and validation by renowned CIOs and technology evangelists.

Thursday’s event concluded the second edition of the awards. The next edition is expected to take place in 2016.

Dell Enhances Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL with Horizon Edition and Infrastructure Edition 1.2

  • Dell and VMware help customers future-proof their businesses with a fast, easy, and cost-effective path to virtual infrastructure and VDI
  • Dell is the first technology company to offer a hyper-converged, end-to-end virtual desktop appliance for VMware EVO:RAIL
  • Newly updated Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL, infrastructure edition 1.2, includes greater scalability, automated serviceability and reduced licensing costs

Manish Gupta, Director, Enterprise Solutions Group, Dell IndiaDell today announced the general availability of Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL Horizon Edition, and updates to the Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL appliance. Both of these workload-optimized technology solutions provide customers with faster time-to-value, elasticity and greater ease of use.

“VMware and its Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners are bringing the simplicity of consumer appliances to the world of enterprise infrastructure. VMware EVO:RAIL is a new building block for software-defined data center environments that takes the guesswork out of building, deploying, scaling and managing software-defined infrastructure services, Dell’s VMware EVO:RAIL Horizon Edition will deliver the benefits of the SDDC and hyperconverged infrastructure for desktop virtualization,”

said Sundar Balasubramanian, Sr. Director, General Business, VMware India.

Manish Gupta, Director, Enterprise Solutions Group, Dell India said:

“The combination of Dell’s industry leading x-86 architecture and web scale expertise, with the VMWare software virtualization solutions, is an ideal one as it delivers greater efficiency, agility and speed for customers. Ultimately we want to give customers of all sizes a hyper-converged end-to-end virtual desktop infrastructure appliance with the combination of hardware, software and support, which is easy to deploy.  Additionally, the adoption of a software-defined approach, gives opportunities for customers to scale-out infrastructure as and when necessary.  We are excited to see the possibilities that EVO:RAIL will unfold for our customers in India through this partnership.”

With Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL Horizon Edition (HE), Dell is the first vendor to offer a hyper-converged end-to-end virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) appliance for VMware EVO:RAIL. Using Dell servers and storage with VMware EVO:RAIL software, this new offering enables customers of all sizes to quickly and easily deploy and scale infrastructure for virtual desktops to end users based on business demand, and is optimized for consistent performance across all virtual desktops.

The updated Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL, infrastructure edition 1.2, introduces enhanced features for new and existing customers, including serviceability automation and increased scalability. Serviceability automation enables one button replacement of hard drives and network interface cards, allowing customers to spend less time on IT management tasks and more on strategic, forward-looking projects. Increased scalability allows customers to purchase the capacity they need today, with the ability to scale in the future as their business requires.

Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL are designed to power virtual infrastructure general-purpose workloads, and virtual desktop infrastructure. The solutions offer customers:

  • Reduced TCO: With a reduction in power consumption and operating costs, the Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 63.9 percent over three years compared to a do-it-yourself solution.[1]
  • Greater ease of use: With a single-pane-of-glass management experience, Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL provide zero downtime, easier upgrades, patch management and out-of-the-box integrations with existing VMware management tooling. Updating Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL takes 88 percent fewer steps compared to a do-it-yourself solution.[2]
  • Rapid deployment, reduced risk: Deploying Dell Engineered Solutions for EVO:RAIL is dramatically simplified compared with a do-it-yourself solution. EVO:RAIL reduces the steps required to stand up a new private cloud from 683 to 50.[3] This speeds up the deployment process but also greatly reduces the possibility for human error, reducing risk of delays and downtime.

Dell and VMware have a long-standing alliance and strong history of working together to offer efficient virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that are fast to deploy and easy to manage. The two companies are continuing to collaborate to provide customers with the flexibility to adapt their cloud and virtual infrastructures based on their needs today and in the future.

Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL Horizon Edition: easy to deploy and scalable VDI

Dell marks another significant milestone in making desktop virtualization easier than ever to plan, deploy and run with the general availability of Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL Horizon Edition. With Dell Wyse PCoIP zero clients and all-in-one thin clients for VMware, a full suite of management tools, as well as Dell software and services, Dell offers a truly holistic VMware-verified VDI solution based on EVO:RAIL HE.

Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL HE is a high value EVO:RAIL appliance for customers deploying desktop virtualization today, and is designed to help organizations deploy applications faster, scale easier, and better manage infrastructure and workload delivery. It is the first EVO-based, hyper-converged end-to-end VDI solution that reduces the traditional ordering cycle by one third, shrinking implementation from multiple weeks to hours and pilot time from months to weeks. Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL Horizon Edition eases complexity by reducing the number of steps to deploy by up to 92 percent compared to a do-it-yourself solution.[4] Each appliance scales to approximately 250 virtual desktop VMs, and the current maximum of eight appliances allows for approximately 2,000 persistent virtual desktop VMs.

Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL 1.2 enhances scalability and serviceability

Today’s announcement of the Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL Infrastructure Edition 1.2 offers customers an even simpler path to a future-ready IT environment. As the first infrastructure update since the Dell EVO:RAIL solution was announced, it offers new and existing customers a simplified user experience with greater capacity for future growth.

With a focus on customers’ business needs, the update offers:

  • Improved linear scale-out capabilities: The Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL allows customers to easily scale performance, bandwidth and capacity by adding appliances as their business needs increase, reducing the number of steps to bring on more servers from 329 to 17.[5] The update increases the maximum scalability of a single cluster from four appliances to eight, with each appliance designed for approximately 100 general purpose virtual machines (VMs). With each appliance containing four server nodes, the new maximum cluster size is increased from 16 to 32 nodes, supporting approximately 800 general purpose VMs.
  • Automated serviceability: VMware EVO:RAIL 1.2 edition reduces time consuming management tasks by automating serviceability. In the event of a failed drive, a customer can now replace it with a simple click of a button which automates backend tasks to add the host back to the cluster. This frees up time spent on maintenance, and allowing for more time to be spent on strategic projects.
  • Reduced licensing costs: The adoption of the VMware EVO:RAILvSphere Loyalty Program allows eligible customers to apply existing VMware licenses to the purchase of Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL, preserving their existing investment in VMware software while reducing the overall cost of the appliance purchase.

[1] “Reduce Complexity and Save money with Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL,” Principled Technologies report commissioned by Dell, May 19, 2015, page 3.

[2] “Reduce Complexity and Save money with Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL,” Principled Technologies report commissioned by Dell, May 19, 2015, page 7.

[3] “Reduce Complexity and Save money with Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL,” Principled Technologies report commissioned by Dell, May 19, 2015, page 4.

[4] “Reduce Complexity and Save money with Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL,” Principled Technologies report commissioned by Dell, May 19, 2015, page 4.



  • Showcases How Youth Can Live Their Passions and Inspire Others through Creative Collaboration Using Technology

image001Dell, the world’s fastest growing large integrated IT company today launched a new television commercial that is crafted around its theme for youth in 2015 – Learn. Share. Inspire. Conceptualized and executed by GREY group India, the commercial is a testimony to Dell’s belief that aspiring youth of today can not only express their creativity, but also inspire others by sharing their knowledge and creations with the use of personal technology.

Launched in the background of Dell’s Back to College campaign, the TVC premiered online on Dell’s Youtube homepage on June 27,2015, and will be aired on television on July 10, 2015 across leading general English & Hindi entertainment,sports, and music channels such as – Star Plus, Colors, Star Sports, Ten Sports, Massti, B Play, Star Movies, Sony Pix, AXN and Comedy Central.

College students armed with ambition, and the desire to assert individual identity, are looking to perfectly balance their academic and social lives, and technology gives them the platform to do this. As students step into new college semesters, this year’s ‘Back to College’ campaign sets the tone for youth to be motivated about their personal ambitions. As part of the campaign, Dell showcases its exciting new range of Notebooks from its flagship Inspiron brand, the Inspiron 5000 series, which is designed to play multiple roles in a college students’ life – be it for college assignments, skill and knowledge development, or for connecting with people and entertainment. An added bonus is these laptops is that they are also available in 4 colours, that allow for added personalization and individuality.

Ritu Gupta, Director-Marketing, Consumer & Small Business, Dell India said,

“In a recent pan India research[1] surveying the existing and potential PC users in the country, it emerged that the youth is ready to spearhead their respective interests using PC technology. The study revealed that the PC is pivotal to self-learning and gaining knowledge for students who have a hunger to do more. “KaroKuchBhi” is a reiteration of this year’s theme for the Back to College campaign – Learn. Share. Inspire – which motivates students to express themselves using the power of technology and thus create and share on multiple online & offline platforms. Through this TVC we are realizing our vision of delivering technology which enables youth to reach beyond basic academic learning and enhance the quality of content, leading to the ‘sharing’ of creative ideas, expression and knowledge.”

The TVC addresses the meaning of the word ‘sharing’ among today’s social media savvy generation. In an environment where people are thirsting for captivating and inspirational content, the objective is to highlight the shift towards how youngsters are following their dreams and are producing innovative and thought provoking ideas and content, even as they inspire their others by sharing their journey. The TVC conveys that by creating something new, one can have a meaningful impact and inspire many others to create something of their own.

A runner from a small town, inspires an entire community to run through his blog, a group of food loving friends start a night time food truck and find their customers using technology to map customer locations, a designer uses technology software to create a block print design that she uses to give her T-shirts an ethnic and unique twist, a young filmmaker explores the dualities in nature in a montage of moving images – each evocative and intriguing, by playing around with optical illusions, each of these stories run with the theme of how they are using technology to follow their passions and connect with others.

Ram Jayaraman, Executive Creative Director, GREY group India, Bangalore, said,

“The previous Inspiron Notebook TVC we created for Dell was about all about passionate inward pursuit – following your dreams till they become achievements. This one is more outward. It is about touching others with the force of your conviction. It is about passion snowballing into inspiration. Because when passionate youngsters learn and share ideas and beliefs, they make things happen.”

 Catch a special preview of the TVC right here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1fKX-sddZgimage002

Dell Unveils the Industry’s First ISV-Certified Virtual Workstation Appliance Solution

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Dell introduces ProSupport Plus Sevice

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