Swedish brand Jays launches u-JAYS on-ear headphones for Indian audioholics


The current lot of headphone lovers never had it this good. With a smorgasbord of options to choose from already, u-JAYS on-ear headphones from JAYS weighs in to give the glam department a much-needed boost.

What’s common between ABBA, Absolut Vodka, the clothing brand H&M, and IKEA? They’re all from Sweden. Sophisticated looks, good quality with mass appeal – the Swedes know how to get it right. It’s no surprise then that the stylish headphone brand JAYS is as Swedish as they come, and its latest Indian launch, the u-JAYS, is no exception. Said to have a captivating audio experience, the cans are designed to provide deep bass, clear details and strong mids. This versatile pair of headphones is compatible with iOS and Android devices which can be controlled by a three-button remote cable.

Based out of an old brewery in central Stockholm, and available through their local distributor, the brand places engineering, design innovation and a love for music as priority, to provide a pair of cans that not only look good, but sound great too. The ₹15,999 on-ear u-JAYS feature a custom-developed 40mm dynamic driver with Japanese silk-coated diaphragm, for starters. There’s impressive design and tech at work here, all of which is brilliantly camouflaged by its très chic looks.

With special ear-cushions that adapt to the contours of the user’s ears, these beauties can be worn comfortably for long periods of time, with a secure and comfy fit. Designed to keep out the incessant drone of everyday life from interfering with your favourite tracks like ‘Cotton Eye Joe’, the Swedes have indeed done it again, with their indomitable panache. Finally, we leave you with a fun fact: did you know that Rednex, the band best known for ‘Cotton Eye Joe’, is from Sweden too? Yes, the Swedes are a great bunch indeed.

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