Sony launches its second generation RX0 II compact, rugged camera for $700


Sony has launched the second generation version of its compact, rugged video camera, the RX0 II. The RX0 II is roughly similar in size and shape to its predecessor but features some notable improvements.

The main new feature here is a tilting LCD on the back. While the RX0 had a fixed display, the display on the RX0 II can be tilted up and down or flipped up completely so you can take self portraits from the front.

Despite the addition of a moving display, the RX0 II is still water-resistant up to 10m, dustproof, shockproof up to 2m and crushproof up to 200kg force.

The other addition is internal 4K recording. While the previous model required an external recorder for 4K and could only do 1080p internally, the RX0 II can do 4K 30fps internally on a fast enough SD card.

The camera offers full pixel readout without binning for higher quality output. It offers Sony’s Picture Profile modes as well as S-Log 2 for color grading. There’s uncompressed 4K HDMI out as well for recording on an external recorder like Atomos Shinobi. The camera can also capture slow motion videos up to 1000fps.

The RX0 II also has electronic image stabilization. The captured footage can then be stabilized further using Sony’s new Movie Edit add-on application on smartphones or tablets.

On the photography side, the RX0 II can use the 1.0 type stacked CMOS 15.3MP sensor with Zeiss 24mm f4 lens and BIONZ X image processor to get image quality on par with the company’s RX100 cameras, since it’s essentially the same sensor and processor. The shutter speed maxes out at 1/32000 of a second and the camera can shoot up to 16fps in burst capture. Sony claims to have improved its color science to get more natural looking human skin and the company’s Eye AF has also been incorporated.

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Lastly, like its predecessor, the RX0 II can be used in tandem with other units to create a multi-camera setup. With the help of the mobile app you can use 5 RX0 II together. Up to 50 cameras can be used together with an upcoming access point from Sony or you can use the Camera Control Box accessory to connect up to 100 cameras together, maybe to create your own version of Matrix’ famous Bullet time scene.

Sony will also be selling an optional Shooting Grip accessory for mounting the camera and a microphone in a vlogging-style setup.

The RX0 II is priced at $700 and will start shipping in April.

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