SDN and NFV Technologies Set to Transform ICT and Telecommunications Sector in India


The Indian ICT and telecommunications industry in India is set to transform with India’s very first summit on SDN and NFV Technology – the SDN & NFV India Conclave 2017 having seen enthusiastic participation ended on a successful note at the Sahara Star, Mumbai. Konnect Worldwide Business Media- the leading organizer of technology summits in Telecom and ICT Industry has been the main force behind this landmark summit in India.

The increasing demand for data is changing the dynamics of the communication and telecom industry globally, fuelling the need for service providers to adapt to improved technologies that offer simplified and seamless modes of communication while maintaining high standards of quality and agility. The SDN and NFV technologies offer a new dimension of better optimisation of capabilities to proffer disruption and monetisation through innovation in the world of smarter networks.

The highly successful summit of leading industry veterans and delegates from across various sectors endorsed the crucial need to evolve to the next generation mobile networks with the SDN and NVF technologies that is poised to revolutionise successful business models from across the world. The conclave was also successful at highlighting the India perspective on network virtualisation with SDN, NFV and Cloud technologies. The leaders at the conclave discussed international experiences in the deployment of these technologies to prove the roadmap for Indian ICT and Telecommunications sector and showcase strategies for creating successful convergence of IT, Data Centres, and Telecommunications.

Chandan Kumar, Director Marketing & Integrated Solutions, Huawei Telecommunications, said,

The Future belongs to smarter networks that have the capability to self-drive and maintain the networks intelligently – HUAWEI, a global ICT player is already working with Global Operators across regions to deploy NFV solutions making their networks smarter & 5G Ready . Global Players like AT&T, Telefonica, Vodafone have already laid Roadmaps to move forward with NFV & SDN Planning & Implementations and be ready by 2020 for providing a differentiated level of experience to their consumers. He also added that 3 Key Philosophies which support NFV network transformation are Hardware Resource Pooling, Fully automated Operations bringing significant efficiencies to the network and Distributed Software architecture, which helps in reduction of Services TTM from Month to Days.
FY18 will be a breakeven year for many operators across Europe & other developed markets for movement from Planning to Commercial Deployments of NFV based networks.

Shyamal Kumar, Founder & CEO, Lavelle Networks, said,

Everyone uses the cloud today in some way or another. The biggest infrastructure between you and the cloud is the network. Service providers and enterprises the world over are turning to SDN & NFV technology to make their networks simpler, safer and faster, while maintaining the right balance of TCO, ROI and constant innovation of service offerings.

It is great to see Konnect Worldwide Business Media to take the initiative to bring the thought leaders in the networking technology space in India together for a stimulating, insightful and direct exchange of thoughts, learnings and vision for SDN & NFV in India. Like we leap frogged into 3G/4G as a nation, our enterprises are going to take to SDN & NFV much sooner than expected. Konnect Worldwide Business Media has proven that they have deep passion to do what they say – “bringing knowledge to business”.

Rahul Sindhwani, CEO, Konnect Worldwide Business Media, said,

“High speed data connectivity has become the basic demand of consumers today which requires an overhaul of existing networking technologies. NFV and SDN technologies are set to transform operations in the ICT industry by leaps and bounds, offering improved networks through virtualisation. It has been shown that these new models of communication and networks are viable for the Indian experience where the density and complexity of deliverables is considerably heavy. SDN and NFV technologies offer better scalability, security and prove cost efficient for telecom service providers. The latest innovation in the technological space will mean the infrastructural base of providing 5G mobile networks in India in the near future.”

Aman Khanna, Founder & Director, Konnect Worldwide Business Media, said

“We are very glad to have become the very first organisers of the summit on SDN and NFV technologies in India and are incredibly hopeful that the platform has been opportune to congregate industry leaders and decision makers towards accelerating the adoption of newer technologies in the ICT and mobility space in India”.

Some of the leading ICT and networking companies – Huawei, Oracle, Lavelle Networks, Happiest Minds Technologies and Open Networking Foundation participated at the India NVF and SDN summit and offered live demonstrations and networking opportunities for businesses.







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