McAfee Accelerates Secure Cloud Adoption through McAfee CASB Connect Program

McAfee, the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, today announced McAfee® CASB Connect Program, the industry’s first self-serve framework and accompanying program that enables any cloud service provider or partner to rapidly build lightweight API connectors to McAfee® Skyhigh Security Cloud within days—without writing a single line of code—to help secure any cloud service in the catalog. With this program, enterprises can leverage McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud to confidently adopt any cloud service from the McAfee CASB Connect Catalog and enforce the same set of security policies across all their cloud applications. Attendees at RSA Conference USA 2018 can see the McAfee CASB Connect Program in action at McAfee Booth #1301, South Hall.

“One of the core tenets of our vision is to make cloud the most secure environment for businesses,” said Rajiv Gupta, senior vice president of the cloud security business unit, McAfee. “The McAfee CASB Connect Program framework enables every cloud service in the catalog to easily conform to the security needs of enterprises, thus minimizing the security barriers that hinder cloud adoption and allowing enterprises to confidently adopt cloud services to accelerate their business.”

With the McAfee CASB Connect Program, enterprises can:

  • Extend the same set of policies and controls that McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud provides to secure their data and users in existing cloud applications like Office 365, Salesforce, Slack and ServiceNow, to hundreds of new applications through a single consistent platform.
  • Enable IT and security organizations to address critical security and compliance needs and thus enable the use of cloud services. This enhances the productivity of employees and the agility of their business.

With the McAfee CASB Connect Program, cloud service providers can:

  • Avoid the cost and complexity of customizing their security controls to meet the myriad data and security requirements of enterprises.
  • Accelerate business by removing the adoption barriers enterprises face as they try to extend their security and compliance policies and controls to that particular cloud service.

According to the McAfee Cloud Report, Navigating a Cloudy Sky, one-in-four worldwide IT professionals surveyed have experienced data theft from the public cloud, and one-in-five have experienced an advanced attack against their public cloud infrastructure. Through the self-serve McAfee CASB Connect Program framework, customers can quickly and easily extend McAfee’s deep and proven cloud security capability to any cloud service in the catalog via API integrations thus fulfilling their part of the cloud shared responsibility model. This open eco-system approach expands the number of cloud applications that are secured out of the box via API by the McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud, enabling consistent security controls across all the customer’s cloud services so they can adopt the cloud, innovate and accelerate their businesses.

Customer Validation:

“At Honeywell we want our employees to do the best work they can using the cloud tools available to them. We don’t want to be the department that simply says no to our users. McAfee’s new program is critical to our strategy of enabling our employees to benefit from the use of mission-critical cloud services while protecting our corporate data and users in the cloud.”  — Shaun Marion, vice president and chief security officer, Honeywell

“As a cloud-first company, managing a consistent security posture across all cloud environments is critical to protecting our content. Our employees request new cloud services frequently; and, with the launch of McAfee CASB Connect program, we are able to assess and approve the requests more efficiently, with confidence in a uniform architecture and enforcement approach.” — Dan Meacham, cyber security and compliance officer, Legendary Entertainment


Partner Validation:

“As a leader in cloud content management, Box provides organizations with a single platform to collaborate on and manage their most critical information, while ensuring best-in-class security and compliance. Our partnership with McAfee means that even the most highly regulated businesses can meet the strictest of data governance requirements without getting in the way of collaboration and business processes happening across their organizations.” — Niall Wall, senior vice president, Business Development and Platform Sales, Box

“Centrify is excited to join McAfee’s CASB Connect Open API program. When integrated with McAfee’s cloud security offering, Centrify’s Identity Platform provides a more powerful Zero Trust Security solution that meets standards across multiple industries and keeps company data safe.” — Steve Cacciaroni, director, Business Development, Centrify

“As a leading collaboration platform, we understand that security is a critical consideration for businesses when selecting a cloud service provider. Our partnerships with best-in-class security companies like McAfee are key to making Dropbox the ideal solution for businesses and industries of all types and sizes.” – Billy Blau, global head of Business Development and Partnerships, Dropbox

“As we continue building our ecosystem, we look for trusted partners that provide tangible value for our customers. By partnering with McAfee, we are creating an added layer of protection to Egnyte Connect that will help keep our customers and their content safe.” – Ronen Vengosh, vice president, Platform and Ecosystem, Egnyte

“With cloud and mobile adoption increasingly moving data outside of the traditional perimeter, organizations need new strategies to mitigate modern threats and protect their sensitive information. By leveraging Okta and the McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud together, our joint customers are able to secure users, devices and data across the cloud adoption lifecycle – acting as a centralized control point across an organization’s cloud services.” — Patrick McCue, senior vice president, Worldwide Partners, Okta

“The partnership between McAfee’s Cloud Security Solution and OneLogin’s Unified Access Management platform provides enterprises with integrated access control and risk mitigation across their application portfolio. We’re excited to join McAfee CASB Connect and enable customers across industries to improve security of data and users in cloud services” – Tim Gunderson, vice president, Business Development, OneLogin


“As a leading cloud-based platform for work execution, at Smartsheet we’re focused on meeting the strict security requirements of large enterprise organizations. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with Skyhigh. Our customers can deploy solutions quickly and confidently, knowing their data is protected anywhere it goes.” — Gene Farrell, Senior Vice President of Product Smartsheet

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