ixigo’s User Registration Increases By 24% following Truecaller SDK Integration

India’s leading travel metasearch, ixigo partnered with Truecaller in February 2016, to integrate Truecaller SDK on ixigo’s trains & flights app. This integration helped users to simply use their Truecaller phone number identity based credentials for a one-touch sign-up into the app, leading to a 24% increase in user registration rate.

The number based onboarding and verification process has significantly reduced friction in the user signup process. All users verified with Truecaller globally and sign up to ixigo get to overcome the hassle of having to manually fill in user details, as Truecaller does that for them!

“By integrating ixigo apps with Truecaller SDK we are solving many problems at once and enhancing our overall user experience journey. With Truecaller our users from anywhere around the world no longer need to go through the tedious OTP (One Time Password) sms verification step or key in ISD codes and mobile numbers to sign up. It’s simple, one-touch and a key enabler in enhancing our in-app user experience.”

Commenting on this impact, ixigo CTO & Co-Founder, Rajnish Kumar said:

 “It is our constant endeavour to help our partners to stay ahead and at the same time offer our consumers a simple and seamless experience when it comes to user on-boarding and verification in mobile and web services of their choice. Phone numbers are the primary identity across growth markets led by India. It is exciting to see the growth which the Truecaller platform has enabled ixigo to achieve.”

said Priyam Bose, Director, Worldwide Developer Relations, Truecaller.

ixigo has consistently seen around 1/3rd of its users sign up via Truecaller SDK. Having a Truecaller verified user right from the onboarding stage enables the travel metasearch to offer a more personalised and seamless experience to its users. Owing to the huge benefit that Truecaller has brought to ixigo’s business, the Truecaller SDK enabled verification experience will soon be extended across its users on iOS and web platforms.

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